Alex Taylor

A beautiful Man


] Alex Taylor

] Playboy

] Naturally long soft blond hair with a sleight kink to it, The rest of the body is hairless, free of tattoos with only perfectly placed earrings in each ear. Light makeup that highlights the perfection of Alex’s face, piercing green eyes that seem to engulf those that look into them, with a very feminine look to him.

] Alex with ever the coy look and smile upon the face. Finding and fulfilling your forgotten dreams, showing you the way to fulfill your darkest desires.

Haven: Blue Velvet


] Beautiful Handsome man by the name of Alex Taylor. He is a known Clubber within the alternative life style community. He loves all equally. Because of his desire to push himself and others to chase their dark desires and pleasures he was chosen.

At the age of 18 he flew to Thailand having a partial sex change surgery done, giving him seeming natural breasts and a female touch to his face, cutting down his Adams apple, with laser hair removal surgery for the rest of his body. He returned back home to the states after all the surgeries were complete, leaving him as transvestite. Who could give in his perception love and pleasure to all genders, helping them explore themselves.[I](after his embrace his implants ripped from his body as he was reborn)[/I]

On his 21st Birthday he we having a party that would be remembered for years to come in Boys town Chicago, when a very beautiful boy with a beautiful woman approached him for a night of pleasure; little did he know it was a trap by a group of left wing religious zealots who claimed I was in sin. Taking the offer as anyone would who was in his shoes he climbs into their car and accepts the drink offered him. Shortly after that he knew something was wrong, as he passed out.

He woke up some time later stripped down and tied to an old medal hospital bed, I was taken to a place to be cured of my mental disease.[I] (I found out later it was an old mental institute that had been closed for years in Elgin IL).[/I] Seeming like weeks passed as they did electric shock therapy upon me, sleep deprivation and other psychological torture. They continued to work into my mind that only God could save me and my sexual deviance was the work of Satan. I looked for ways to fight them and resist their methods.

It was during one of their sessions that I found it, no longer fighting the pain I embraced it like a long lost lover. The more they hurt me the more I found pleasure in their actions. Things you hate you can learn to love and the things to love you can learn to hate. In those moments of their hate I had found love. Not love of these fools but the love for their deeds. As I was reborn into the darker side of pleasure it was then that I was found and given a new life, reborn into eternal perfection.

I had been chosen by one who said I had the strength and wisdom that will cause the world to be born again into a new light. That night I put through the creation right, as I clawed my way to the surface, those who had taught me the true meaning of pain were secured along my path of redemption screaming for salvation. This I granted them as they new beast within me called for their hearts blood. Rending through them with a giddy joy as I rode the beast through them and to the surface; using the beast to give me strength.

I have embraced the power of what I have become, the guiding light into the darkness. Pleasure is just not sex it is so much more. Pain, desire, curiosity, want, craving, the perfect addiction, the taste of your first kill, the screams of mercy from your first victim, the things society claims is wrong yet we want to try and do. I am the teacher, the guide for all to find their secret desires and make them a reality.

After being shown the true path of enlightenment I’ve been sent to work with others within Chicago, a place I used to call home.
Look out Chicago Alex is coming home and he has so much he must teach you.

Alex Taylor

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