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You survived Detroit,

You have your pack, now pick a leader.
You are blooded but not true.
Prove yourself to her eminence and bring her the keys to the Domain of Chicago.

For to long they have sat in their city feeling safe and secure. It is time to change this, it is time to destroy this false sense of safety. It is time to make the elders paranoid, find tools for our people to exploit and open the back door bringing the jihad to the elders.

Each of you have been handed tools to assist you in your mission.(note background booster for creation)

Character creation

Dice Roller Rooms will be named after the chapter we are in.
Current Chapter: HD Prelude

privet actions
Basic leadership for mission
IC Information

Note to the players:

Your PCs are being sent on a very dangerous mission. If you succeed you will become legendary within the sect. If you fail you will be a quickly fading memory.

The NPCs have much they can teach you. Its ok ask for training. But remember the sabbat are not always easy teachers.


Adventure Log:
Players please keep an Adventure log for the team. whom ever wishes to post for the group or through the eyes of there character, feel free to.

Note: I will edit more as I build the site.

Main Page

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