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As the game continues IC information will be posted here.

Copley News

Political figures within the Kindred society of Chicago / Gary Domain you have so far heard of.

  • Lodin: Prince of Chicago
  • Modius: Prince of Gary

Known Laws of the Prince.

why! Because of the recent defense of Detroit the Cam of Chicago and Gary got extra greedy and spread themselves quite thin while showing how much was really in play. Your leaders want to know how much is actually there? What is the power base behind Chicago?

Lodin laws

if you find and attend Elysium best of luck
h5. Rules of Elysium:

  1. On pain of a Blood Hunt, no violence is permitted on the premises against Kindred, Kine, or physical objects.
  2. Elysium is considered neutral ground. No conflict of any sort between Kindred may be carried onto its sacred ground. As a matter of courtesy, discussions should be limited to the fine arts, and political topics avoided.
  3. Access shall not be limited; all Cainites are welcome. In practice, those who enter Elysium when Elders are present are assumed to have thrown their lot with that group.
  4. Do not attract attention when you leave and enter Elysium.

note: those rules are not engraved in stone; they are more of the nature of guidelines or rules of etiquette. Do your best not to violate these assumed natural guide lines, it will draw attention to you if you do attend a meeting. Payment for an offence can be costly and detrimental.

IC Information

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