Character creation

Guide to the Sabbat Core rules for playing sabbat

read house rules
Digital sheet: titled “Vampire the Masquerade V20” that is the one we are using. (we would still be doing revised rules accept dodge would be athletics on the V20 sheet, also if you want Language just click the + button on the sheet and add the ability.)

Revised Sabbat book, clan books, (things from Older prints will be allowed at my discretion){Ive got the books on digital if needed}
Basic character creation

  • 30 freebie points (instead of the usual)
  • 8 Background to start. no background higher then 4 to start.
  • you can take no more then one derangement (worth 2 freebie points) Malks can take an additional derangement to obtain the freebies.
  • Merits and flaws (there can not be more then 7 points in flaws)
  • Free dots: Cam lore 1, Sabbat Lore 1, Chicago Lore 1(covers local politics and rumors),
    Only Sabbat lore can be bought up above 1, Cam and city is cannot be higher then 1 to start.

Banned clans: Bali, Harbingers,Kisyd, Blood Brothers, Nagaraja, (I may add some more after I review the book, but those are the basics. Harbingers are way to powerful, and Bali…. yeah do you need to ask. Kisyd would have nothing to do and are not something the Sabbat would risk and send to a city. Blood brothers… dont ask please.) SO yes Sons of discord, Salubri are allowed, but remember this is a secret mission so no matter what you take make sure it can blend in.(that is what I recommend)

You cannot start with:

  1. Black Hand Status
  2. Inquisition Status

All can be earned in game play.

Everyone begins on a Path. Choose wisely you are on a covert mission not a slaughter house mission.

Revnant ghouls are available for play but will work with either a Player or a NPC.

Infernal-ism is not available at beginning game play.

Yes in the V20 there are some cool Merits and flaws. They are available for use.

  • Background notes: Influence, contacts and allies must be named. Retainers(if any) should have a basic concept and if tehy are phy/soc/or mental primary and so on.
  • Writing a character history is a great help to me and helping your character meet its goals and to properly define any flaws you may have.(I dont mind filling in the blanks eg)
    some things I would like to see is. beginning, the embrace and surviving detroit, and end goal(were you want him to get to) end goal IC goal and OOC post of were you feel (s)he could end up at.

Key Note: If you are new to Sabbat make it as above. If you are not new to sabbat, you can make a Kindred that is still new but detroit was its second major mission.

if you are missing books let me know. Also feel free to ask if you have a question.

2nd ed to Revised changes:

  • Tremere-Anti still exist,
  • Ravnos was not nuked in India so Ravnos don’t crave each others blood and they are still common.
  • Dementation is Sabbat only for Malks. Malks have the option of having dominate as a 4th discipline, but all malks start with two derangement’s due to dementation.
  • Nos Net and information net work
  • Sewer Lore
  • Malk Time

Retainer background

For any one with a Background called Retainer: you are allowed to create a Mini sheet that you will message to me and a picture if you want for said ghouls. Each retainer gets mortal starting creation + an additional 10 freebies. each get 1 physical and 1 additional discipline from domintors discipline list (if you choose to teach it)

Character creation

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