Ryan Miller

Thin lithe guy in a flannel, t-shirt, worn blue jeans, and tennis shoes.


Hey buddy so were’ll it be.
Yeah I know were that is no worries I’ll get you to the church on time smiles.
Your friend is getting married. Well congrats to him. I was married once, and well yeah that is a story all on its own.
Yeah I would not want to hear about the evil witch either. chuckles
So why did I become a Taxi driver. Shit have you seen the economy out there, I am lucky to have a job. Besides I have more free time and less taxable income to declare that I have to give to the evil witch.
Well hmm I’ve been driving for about five years now. Shortly after my divorce and loss of everything I did own.
Oh yeah I could tell you stories about the freaks I’ve met while driving for the past five years.
Why do I drive nights? chuckles there is more money on the swing shift, the shift no one wants yet you get the best tips from those stupid drunks.
Anyhow here we are*he stops his taxi* There’s the Church buddy. Oh and that will be 22.50.

Ryan Miller was born in 1984, his family did not have much but he was a happy kid. He graduated high school and married his high school sweet heart. He had the story book life. It was not too hard yet it was not to easy either. After he got married everything was perfect until one night she started acting strange. A few months later she was asking for a divorce, she had found some pretty boy that had money. Talk about God dammed typical woman. Thank you Judge she made up some sob story about how he was a drunk and abusive and now he has to pay her alimony. So the taxi gig helps him keep a roof over my head and then some. He knows most of the night shift cops, he has made some friends from all walks of life that have his personal business card for special pickups or discreet meetings for those who don’t want people know they are sleeping around. You know those rich people in the political arena or others types that need to keep a low profile.
Yeah Anyhow I made some good money under the table and decent above the table. I live a good life and to hell with having a woman. I am still paying for the last Evil Witch. Well that was until I met Zen, my life has not been the same since I started working for her. Yeah she is a little nuts, but it’s what makes her even more special. She needs me that give me reason to exist.

Ryan Miller

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