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We are using Revised character creation and books. If there is something in 1st ed or 2nd ed you would like to use, please message me and we will see. No promises…..

The campaign is around recently proven(blooded) Sabbat shovel heads, who survived a battle against the Anarch free city, Detroit Michigan. The reason it survived the onslaught was because Chicago and Gary Indiana sent help. Needless to say Detroit is not so free anymore as part of there domain was lost to the Camerilla during the cities defense.

The battle though seeming pointless to some was a pertinent sacrifice of the recently embraced and a few key bishops and packs. Chicago and Gary showed there hand in what they did to protect there northern flank. It made it possible to gauge the domains overall strength.

Now with key information in the hands of your leaders, you have been sent to find the strings that pull upon mortal society and cut them.

This has lead to more questions. What is the actual controlling power behind the city? Who is pulling the strings?

This is no longer a battle of open aggression but espionage and guerrilla war fare at its finest.

They are not to find out you are in the city, they are not to know it is you.

If you want to play contact me and I will work something out.

take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

Hidden Blade

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